Asset Tracking:
Assets Mangement


Ensure audit compliance  with accurate fixed asset financial statement


Discourage misuse and  theft of assets due to  increased accountability


Support informed decisions throughout the budget  and planning process


Streamline inventory processes with innovative  mobile solutions

Record and update your assets Track business assets such as vehicles, machinery, hardware and office equipment for accounting purpose.
Manage the depreciation and disposal of business assets.
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  . Asset Tracking
  . Asset Performance Management
  . Asset Transactions
  . Asset Tagging
  . Contract Management
. Asset Monitoring – Maintenance
  . Item Classification

Facilities Management
Real Estate Management


Management Companies


Serviced Offices



Facilities management software tools enable multi-site facility managers to perform a range of functions related to ongoing maintenance and repair, including asset management, commercial contractor sourcing and compliance, work order fulfillment, payments, and analytics. FM teams can adequately track  and analyze costs of potential moves, renovations, space characteristics and much more.
IFAFM captures all the data related to your facilities maintenance program. All your service requests, work orders, planned maintenance schedules, and equipment data, including invoices and warranty are available on a single platform. Contractor check-ins and check-outs are easily stored and accessible.
The result? Not just better facility management performance, but better financial performance across all your repair and maintenance activities.