Accounts Receivables & CRM

Accounts receivable is a legally enforceable claim for payment held by a business against its customer/clients for goods supplied and/or services rendered during the¬† execution of the customer’s order. These are generally in the form of invoices raised by a business and delivered to the customer for payment within an agreed time frame. Accounts receivable is shown in a balance sheet as an asset. It is one of a series of accounting transactions dealing with the billing of customer for goods and services that the customer has ordered.

CRM is the key to synchronising all of your external contacts, making sure that your employees have up to date information about your clients and that your clients have the best experience possible when dealing with you.

The IFAtech software provides you with features such as

. Management contacts
. Customer support
. Interaction tracking
. Lead management
. Calendar management
. SMS notification
. Calls management – incoming calls/missed call notification on the CRM dashboard

Scheduler CSS

Customer services and support provides a complete overview of a customer, helps balance the team workload, provides routing and assignment workflows and also synchronizes activities across all channels (email, phone, SMS) in order to ensure all support issues are addressed to the right team at the right time with the right level of urgency.

Dynamic alerts and reports help notify the service manager or the supervisor that support deadlines and milestones are being met and enable managers to proactively manage any issues without any delay.
. Ticket management
. Work order management
. Job card management
. Scheduler
. Dynamic userwise Dashboard

Accounts Payable & SRM

Account payable is a liability to a creditor that is carried over on an open account, usually for purchases of goods and services. A supplier is an entity that supplies goods and services to another organization on credit or cash basis. Supplier relationship management(SRM) maintains the account payable, as well as the supplier details which includes information such as total paid/payable till date.
SRM is the key to attribute all of your costs pertaining to items sold or jobs rendered are allocated to proper cost centers/ jobs account.
. Inventory management
. Supply chanin management
. Accounts payable
. Wages allocation