Overview IFAtech Solutions

You might want to check this part again IFAtech Solutions is a company so it cannot be a package. So maybe you an change it to IFAtech Solutions is an Enterprise Resource Planning/ Customer Relationship management (CRM) company which designs custom made CRM solutions for various businesses around the country developed by highly experienced and trained professionals in order to provide tailor made CRM solutions to various business in and around the country.

The IFAtech software keeps track of an organisation’s finances by recording and processing transactions within a business.

Salient features/modules as follows:
• Customer Relationship Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Facilities Management
• Project Management
• Construction Management
• Business Intelligence
• HR Solutions
• Assets Management
• Calls Management
• Log Management
• Dashboards
• Accounting Solutions
• Multiple outlets/ Offices connectivity
• Barcodes
• Real Estate Management
• Cloud Storage
• Job costing