IFATech provides a class of IT solutions that enable companies to consolidate data and manage essential business processes. These include solutions like Integrated Business Management software that allows firms to automate operational back-office services in order to manage all business operations in a single system.


Ifatech Solutions is an emerging software enterprise located in Kuwait that specialise in software development and provide wide range of high quality services in the development, delivery, and maintenance of various software applications.

With over 25 years of experienced developers, we help you scale up software development capacities to provide maximum flexibility and effectiveness with minimum risks and within budget constraints. Our team develop tailor made software application that meets all types of business requirements. We prepare a structure, design & develop to provide you with a custom software solution to improve your organisational processes.

IFAtech Solution brought “ ifatech ERP resources  planning software” does not sound right. I think it should be IFAtech solutions developed “Ifatech ERP resources”

Enterprise resource planning an industry standard term, IFAtech ERP at its essence it is a tool for managing information. Information management is the organized collection, storage and use of information for the benefit of the enterprise.

How do you organize information at your company?

Almost all companies have a customer database or a CRM, a system to manage orders and the warehouse as well as an accounting system. The gaps in the information pipeline between these systems is filled in by spreadsheets and manual processes

However these systems cannot communicate with one another ‘ and share the data. This is labelled as “islands of data” and it impacts the r efficiency of the process. Since Efficiency is directly connected to time and money, they get impacted as well.

So What we Suggest ?

IFAtech ERP” is a system provided by IFAtech Solution which centralizes all the information in an organization and works by streamlining the flow of buisness information.

All the buisness processes get integrated and connected from end to end and will ease the process by providing a single view of the customer, which will in turn help you to provide better services. IFAtech ERP also helps in team building and management as the data is readily available and easily accessible in one place, thus improving the efficiency.


In today’s term, the modern ERP. Centralizing and managing information seamlessly is just the beginning. IfaTech – ERP allows you to do much more, helps to connects your customer through a portal, link to modern communication tools like exchange 365 for your email or power bi for business intelligence tool.

IfaTech ERP is a flexible mobile cloud, which is  secure and much more.

Legacy & Happy Clients

IFAtech Solutions was founded in Bahrain 25 years ago and has since then been serving different business sectors such as Construction, Project Management, Retailers, Trading Facility management Inventory management, Real Estate and HR and Payroll Companies. Due to this we have vast knowledge and experience in technology and ERP solutions.

We feel that the time has come to make IFAtech Solutions a global brand and are now expanding into Kuwait and Dubai.